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The doctors and staff at Physical Medicine Consultants heal injuries in the muscles and joints through a wide variety of services, diagnostic procedures and treatment. We’ve included a summary of the most common services here. You can find more details about various treatments and conditions in our glossary and education pages.

Back and wrist braces

As a convenience for our patients, PMC carries the DonJoy and Performance Medical brands   Read More »

Botox injections

Botox is a type of steroid we inject into muscles to help treat various forms of spasticity.    Read More »

Independent Medical Exam

We offer Independent Medical Exams (IME) to provide a third-party, objective medical opinion regarding Read More »

Interventional Therapy

PMC provides various forms of injection therapy to help diagnose and eliminate pain. Read More »

Spasticity treatment

Depending on the age and abilities of the patient, treatments may help relax muscles    Read More »

Spinal cord stimulation

Dr. Lazoff treats spasticity in children and adults with cerebral palsy. Depending on the age Read More »

Supartz/Synvisc injections for arthritic joints.

These injections of a viscous, jelly-like solution in the knees are designed to help Read More »

Trigger point injections

A trigger point injection (TPI) may be an option to treat various muscle pain syndromes. The procedure injects a numbing medication Read More »

Workers’ Compensation

Many case managers utilize PMC for their workers’ compensation program. We understand the need for a speedy safe return to work Read More »