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Focused On Restoring Your Health

The doctors and staff at Physical Medicine Consultants heal injuries in the muscles and joints through a wide variety of diagnostic procedures and advanced, non-surgical treatments.

Regenerative Medicine

Our physicians convert the patient’s own blood into a safe, effective treatment for painful joints and soft-tissue injuries that stimulates the body to heal itself with lasting results and no steroid risk.

Think Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

A drug-free, non-invasive treatment to eliminate disruptions to the brain's electrical rhythm. When all neurons are operating in harmony symptoms such as depression, anxiety, enhanced awareness of pain, sleep disruption, and substance abuse may be relieved.  Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Independent Medical Exam

We offer Independent Medical Exams (IME) to provide a third-party, objective medical opinion regarding work readiness, job modifications, disability eligibility, injury claims. Read More »

Nerve block for pain

Interventional Therapy

Procedure-based treatments to relieve joint and back pain, encourage tissue recovery and delay or prevent surgery.Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Spasticity treatment

Restore movement and relieve pain caused by uncontrollable muscle contraction in children, stroke and injury patients. Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Spinal cord stimulation

Pain relief by masking pain signals before they reach the brain using gentle electrical stimulation from a small device implanted beneath the skin. Effective for phantom pain and nerve-related discomfort.Read More »

Supartz/Synvisc injections for arthritic joints.

Injections of a viscous, jelly-like solution that lubricates joints and relieves pain due to tissue loss.Read More »

Trigger Point Injections

Carefully targeted injections that effectively relieve various forms of pain.

Post operative lasik care

Workers Compensation Program

Many case managers utilize PMC to help employees achieve a safe return to work.  Contact us for more information.  Read More »