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The doctors and staff at Physical Medicine Consultants heal injuries in the muscles and joints through a wide variety of services, diagnostic procedures and treatment. We’ve included a summary of the most common services here. You can find more details about various treatments and conditions in our glossary and education pages.

Stem Cell & PRP injection

Our physicians convert the patient's own blood into a safe, effective treatment for painful joints and soft-tissue injuries that stimulates the body to heal itself with lasting results and no steroid risk. Read More »

Botox injections

Thin-needle injections that prevent painful muscle contractions, restore movement and help relieve tension-related migraines. Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Independent Medical Exam

We offer Independent Medical Exams (IME) to provide a third-party, objective medical opinion regarding work readiness, job modifications, disability eligibility, injury claims. Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Interventional Therapy

Procedure-based treatments to relieve joint and back pain, encourage tissue recovery and delay or prevent surgery.Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Spasticity treatment

Restore movement and relieve pain caused by uncontrollable muscle contraction in children, stroke and injury patients. Read More »

Post operative lasik care

Spinal cord stimulation

Pain relief by masking pain signals before they reach the brain using gentle electrical stimulation from a small device implanted beneath the skin. Effective for phantom pain and nerve-related discomfort.Read More »

Supartz/Synvisc injections for arthritic joints.

Injections of a viscous, jelly-like solution that lubricates joints and relieves pain due to tissue loss.Read More »

Trigger Point Injections  Read More »

Carefully targeted application of numbing agents to treat various muscle pain syndromes.

Post operative lasik care

Workers Compensation Program

Many case managers utilize PMC to help employees achieve a safe return to work.  Contact us for more information.  Read More »