Regenerative Medicine

PMC physicians are excited by recent advancements in regenerative medicine and the hope it brings to patients suffering osteoarthritis and joint pain. Enhancing the healing power of the patient’s body can bring relief that lasts for a period of years, unlike pharmaceutical treatments which work quickly and then wear off. This allows many patients to prevent or delay surgery.

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Cell-based treatment can significantly improve musculoskeletal conditions, joint or tissue damage.

Concentrated from your own bone marrow, specialized cells are injected into a joint or damaged tissue where they stimulate healing and tissue growth. These cells are natural components of the body, so there is little risk of rejection or infection.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is another treatment PMC physicians use to relieve pain and help the body heal damaged tissue. Natural compounds that signal the body’s tissue growth factors are concentrated from the patient’s blood then injected at the point of pain or injury. This approach avoids the risks of traditional steroid therapy which can lead to tissue loss. PRP has been shown to stimulate the growth of cartilage and connective tissues lost due to age, sports injury or overuse.