20-year Struggle with Depression

Bart, age 59, says he’s struggled with depression for more than 20 years.  Multiple rounds of medications and other therapies helped, but nothing could remove the cloud of gloom and doubt that made him dread leaving the house.

Watch his story to hear how Bart now says he enjoys time with friends and feels better than he has in decades.


“I Can’t Believe I feel this good!”

Emily suffered depression, low self-esteem and anxiety for years. She kept it a secret as best she could, and was exhausted each day from trying to fool the world. Medications only made things worse. Now, she’s feeling better than ever and says MindSET is the reason.

Business Owner Recovers from Freak Concussion

This chart tracks the before/after symptom improvements MindSET PrTMS achieved for a 47 year-old Warsaw, Indiana man who struck his head on a concrete floor after choking on an ice cube.  His fall led to 4-years of headache pain, depression and anxiety.

“The headaches were constant. I sat in a dark corner of my living room for three months because I couldn’t stand light, noise or to be around people. It was a struggle just to go to the doctor.”

Several weeks of treatment resulted in dramatic symptom improvement. He is off a trio of prescription pain drugs. Lingering headaches can be managed with over-the-counter medications.

He has returned to working full-time at his family’s excavation company.

“I feel blessed to have found this treatment. I’d do it again.”

College Soccer Player – Concussion

Cruz Garcia is a college soccer player forced to give up competing in the sport he loves after two significant concussions.  But, he’s back to school ready for his senior year after treatment with MindSET PrTMs. 

Watch his story to hear how his ability to study was impaired by concussion symptoms, and how MindSET PrTMS helped him recover.