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MindSET PrTMS is a drug-free, non-invasive medical treatment for disruptions in the brain’s natural electrical rhythm that can affect how you think and how you feel.

Just as your heart beats to a natural electrical rhythm, so does your brain. Depending on which areas of the brain are affected, the disruptions in this rhythm can contribute to symptoms such as:

The Science Behind MindSET PrTMS by PMC

When neurons in the brain are injured, traumatized or exposed to prolonged stress they may react by entering a form of “self-preservation” mode in which they drift off-frequency. These neurons fall out of sync with the rest of the brain and actually interfere with normal electrical rhythms.

When regions of the brain associated with focus, critical thought, emotions or regulating impulses no longer perform normally the resulting symptoms can be significant. Neurons that respond by slowing down contribute to depression, inability to focus and/or social withdrawal.  Conversely, neurons that become agitated are associated with anxiety, hyper-vigilance, sleep disruption, enhanced awareness of pain, self-medication with controlled substances, emotional outbursts or OCD.

MindSET PrTMS uses a series of magnetic pulses personalized to the patient’s brain activity to restore affected neurons to the brain’s primary frequency. Brain tissue converts the magnetic energy into an electrical impulse at a defined frequency, training neurons to fire in alignment with the patient’s optimal “brainbeat.”   

MindSET PrTMS by PMC uses a medical device cleared by the FDA and powered by patent-pending PeakLogic software, to administer a treatment protocol customized to each patient’s unique brain activity pattern.

Is It Safe?

In a word – yes. The MindSET PrTMS personalized protocol involves physician-supervised “off-label” investigational use of a device cleared by the FDA for the treatment of drug-resistant major depressive disorder. More than 4,000 patients have been treated to date at the PeakLogic research clinic in San Diego and at other clinics around the country.

What Does PrTMS Stand For?

Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an innovative, patient-specific version of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a treatment for clinical depression first cleared by the FDA more than two decades ago. 

Traditional TMS is “one-size-fits-all,” treating all patients with a fixed level and pattern of brain stimulation.

MindSET PrTMS stimulation levels are far below traditional TMS treatments but achieve symptom improvement for many patients because the treatment protocol is personalized to the unique electrical activity in their brain. This reduced stimulation level allows for treatment of regions that traditional TMS cannot address and therefore produces results in patients suffering many different symtpoms, not just depression.

What Will I Feel? 

Most patients feel nothing other than a slight tapping sensation. Patients relax in a specialized treatment chair while a trained technician guides a magnetic emitter to areas of the brain requiring stimulation. Patients hear a clicking sound when stimulation is underway.

We provide snacks containing sugar after treatment. The enhanced brain activity associated with PrTMS may cause blood sugar levels to drop temporarily and the ingestion of sugar quickly remedies this. On rare occasions, this drop in blood sugar may also bring on a very mild headache, but these usually pass quickly or can be alleviated with over-the-counter medications.

The majority of patients return to school, work or normal activities following treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Patients typically receive one or two 25-minute treatments per day, 5 days a week, for several weeks. The number of treatments recommended will depend upon the patient’s reason for seeking treatment, the severity of symptoms and how the brain responds.

Many patients tell us they notice symptoms improving after a few days of treatment. Improvement in sleep quality is generally the first change patients describe.

Autism spectrum disorders typically are the most resistant to treatment. Several months of treatment may be necessary for maximum benefits.

Will my insurance cover the cost of PrTMS treatments?

MindSET PrTMs may be fully or partially covered for those with a diagnosis of drug-resistant major depressive disorder (MDD). Treatment for most other conditions is seldom reimbursed.

Our staff will be happy to help with any necessary paperwork you may need to submit to your insurance for
prior authorization and reimbursement.  

Our office partners with Advance Care to offer affordable financing options for those interested.

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Additional Disclosures

Results are not certain and patient experience may vary based on many factors. PrTMS uses certain existing third-party medical equipment which has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of drug-resistant depression where other treatment protocols have not been effective.  Our pioneering personalized protocols are investigational in nature, and are tools used to assist medical professionals in treating other conditions, and must be administered by a licensed physician or medical practitioner. MindSET PrTMS by PMC does not claim to cure any medical condition, neurocognitive disorder, or disease.

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