Fort Wayne Smallest Winner Sponsor

Dr. Lazoff, Dr. Stensland and Dr. Zolman explain the benefits of conservative treatment alternatives as proud sponsors of Fort Wayne’s 7th Season of The Smallest Winner

Stensland to appear on Docs on Call

David Stensland, MD with Physical Medicine Consultants discuss what MRI is, what MRI looks for and why costs vary so much from place to place.

Zolman Named Clinical Associate Professor at IU Med School

Dr. Mark E. Zolman has been named one of Indiana University’s Clinical Associate Professors for 2010.  Dr. Zolman will be giving two lectures to second year Med Students at Indian’s School of Medicine in Fort Wayne.

Lazoff To Train Colleagues Across The Nation


Thomas L. Lazoff, MD of Physical Medicine Consultants, Fort Wayne, Indiana has been hand selected as one (1) of only fifty (50) physicians in the nation to train colleagues on how to inject Botox for Upper Extremity Spasticity.

Upper Extremity Spasticity could be caused by various factors including but not limited to stroke, Cerebral Palsy, head injury or spinal cord injury.

Stensland to lead national workshop

Dr. Stensland is one of six physicians nationwide to lead an Advanced Lumbar Procedures Workshop for other physicians. As an instructor with the American Academy of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, he will be training other physicians to perform interventional procedures.  Dr. Stensland will also give a lecture on the complications associated with interventional procedures.

Read more here about the seminar he’ll be leading.

Lazoff and Zolman named Top Docs

Dr. Lazoff and Dr. Zolman were both listed among the “Top Docs” in Fort Wayne.  The doctors were elected by physician peers in this survey published in the Northeast Indiana Business Journal in 2008.

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PMC featured in Fort Wayne Health

Physical Medicine Consultants is featured in Fort Wayne Health:

A “pain in the neck” isn’t just a phrase Mary uses to describe something she doesn’t like to do.  For Mary, the actual pain in her neck is a chronic, debilitating burden that has left her frustrated, hopeless and still hurting despite treatment from her family physician, chiropractor, and several specialists.  No one, it seems, can unravel the complex core of her hurt and make it go away.

Today, Mary…and many others like her have restored their quality of life after being referred to Physical Medicine Consultants – a group of three local doctors who are prolem solvers for patients – and other physicians.

Read the full story and learn more about the physicians and the patients they care for.