Location: DeKalb Memorial Hospital Clinic


From I-69, you want to take Exit 329 and turn eastbound onto State Road 8. Once into Auburn, SR 8 turns into 7th Street. Stay on 7th St. all the way through Auburn. Once through town, you will see the hospital on your left. Follow the signs for Fort Wayne Orthopedics (FWO) to Door 36. Our office is located inside the FWO offices with Dekalb Health, across the hallway from the hospital’s Physical Therapy department.


Location: Angola Clinic


Take I-69 to exit 348 and get off on US-20 eastbound. You will enter the roundabout and you want to take the second exit from the roundabout onto Maumee Street/US-20. Shortly after exiting the roundabout, you will want to take a right onto Washington Street. You will see Cameron Hospital on your left and it is easiest to park in the parking lot behind the hospital. Our office is located in Suite 103 inside the medical office building.


Location: Parkview Noble Hospital


We regret to inform you that we are no longer providing services at Parkview Noble Hospital in Kendallville. We would invite you to come see us at one of our other clinics in Auburn, Fort Wayne, or Angola.


Location: Fort Wayne Main Office


Coming from I-69, you will want to take Exit 302 and turn eastbound on US-24/W Jefferson Blvd. Approximately 1/4 mile down Jefferson Blvd, you will come to a stoplight where you want to turn left. This takes you into the main entrance for Lutheran Hospital. As you come in the main entrance, you want to be in the left lane as you will come to a 4-way stop where you need to turn left. You will drive past ENT Associates on your left and you’ll come to a stop sign with a parking garage on the right. Park in that parking garage and there is a walkway into the hospital located on the second floor. Once you’ve entered the hospital, walk in to your left and you will see a flight of stairs. You may take those stairs up to the third floor and our office is located in Suite 300 immediately to your left. If you wish to take the elevator instead of the stairs, the elevators are located just past the staircase and to your right. Take the elevator to the third floor and turn right when you exit the elevator. That will take you directly to our front door.


From Our Patients

“I couldn’t believe how much time the doctor spent with me on my first visit. I never felt rushed.”

“Even though I’ve been dealing with pain and many different doctors over the years, this was the most comprehensive physical exam I’ve ever had. I really felt like Dr. Zolman was listening and able to get to the root of my problem like no one else has.”

“I really didn’t want to have surgery, but I was ready to give up hope until a friend referred me to PMC. Dr. Lazoff really put the whole puzzle together and set up a treatment plan. Now my pain is nearly gone and every day I wake up thankful that it doesn’t hurt to get out of bed.”

What is a physiatrist?

Physiatrists take a very comprehensive approach to solving pain associated with the musculoskeletal system. Their goal is to restore function and ability without surgery. Physiatry (fizz-eye-ah-tree) is sometimes referred to as physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) . This branch of medicine specializes in restoring quality of life to people with injuries to muscles, bones, joints, tissues and nervous system.

Physiatrists are required to complete four years of medical school, one year of internship and three years of residency. Read more.

Helping your own body heal its hurts.

While we work most frequently with patients who are suffering from pain in their spine, neck or any of their joints, we do treat pain in other parts of the body as well. Pain can be a complex, complicated puzzle and often stems from someplace other than where it hurts. Our specialty is unraveling the mystery and unlocking the problem one step at a time through a course of physical therapy, medications, steroid injections or other procedures.

Although a referral isn’t required to see someone at PMC, many patients are sent to us from their primary care physician. They may also have seen a number of different physicians, chiropractors or other therapists with no lasting success or they may be seeking second opinions or an alternative to having surgery.