Get back in the swim of things.

Lost that kick in your step? Or lost hope of ever getting it back again? The doctors at Physical Medicine Consultants have a reputation for not only restoring healthy bodies but restoring hope as well. We understand how chronic pain can sap the energy right out of your life.

That is why we begin with the most basic and most important tool — listening to you. In fact, most of our patients are surprised by the amount of time we spend in the initial visit gathering information and getting to know you and your medical history. We know by experience that many important clues can be discovered through conversation about you, your daily life and your medical history. We want to understand the details of when and where it hurts, and what limits pain may place on your desired activities.

Some patients come to us as a first line of defense or as a referral from their general physician. However, just as many find us after exhausting a string of other options. While specialists will naturally focus on their area of specialty, we are able to step back and look at the big picture. This fresh approach and comprehensive attack on a problem gives our patients a renewed sense of hope. Your symptoms are a unique puzzle. We work to assemble all the piece, accurately diagnosis the problem and create a treatment plan that puts you back where you want to be.